The Best Drawing Table To Bring Out The Artist In You

best drawing table
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Anybody who is dedicated to hone and develop his or her skills further knows that having your workstation brings a lot into your game. For artists, having the best drawing table helps them draw better, especially with the different angles the table can give, as well as the lighting and shelving options that are also included.

Skills have nothing to do with the equipment that you use, of course, because if you’re born with it, then you’re born with it. But this does not mean that you should not consider a drawing table that has different shelves for your drawing implements and an adjustable angled table that gives just the right angle and light feed, giving you well-developed lines and shades.

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Three of the Best Drawing Tables

The main consideration in choosing a drawing table are the angle-adjustable drawing surface, shelving options, and its stability. It is with these three factors in mind that the following tables are considered the best artist tables on the market.

1. Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool

The Studio Design Comet drawing table measures 50 inches in width x 24 inches in depth x 29.5 inches to 44.25 inches in height at full tilt while the drawing surface has a dimension of 36 inches in width and 23.75 in depth. It also comes with the following features:

  • Slide-up Pencil Ledge

    This drawing table comes with a 24-inch slide-up, laminated pencil ledge that helps you draw straight lines, and it also keeps your sweaty palms from smudging the drawing surface.

  • Storage Drawers

    The Comet comes with three 12.75-inch x 12.75-inch storage drawers that are perfect for holding pencils, papers and other drawing tools. The drawing table also comes with a desk drawer which can hold some more pencils and documents.

  • Top Angle Adjustment

    The drawing surface can be adjusted and tilted from flat up to 20 degrees.

  • Durable Steel Construction

    The frame of the drawing table is made of heavy gauge steel that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, especially with its silver or black finish.

  • Floor Levelers

    The Comet drawing table comes with six adjustable floor levelers that ensure table stability no matter what.


  • The Comet drawing table is easy to assemble, just follow the directions, and you’ll be drawing in no time.
  • Overall, this drawing table is made of fine quality materials and looks like it was made to last.
  • The table, once appropriately assembled, is very stable thanks to the floor levelers that it comes with.
  • The storage drawers are large enough to fit more than just drawing implements but colors and paints as well.


  • The hinges of the table top can be tricky to maneuver and seem to be made of poor quality.
  • The materials of the storage drawers are a little flimsy and may buckle when heavy loads are placed inside.

2. Tangkula Art & Craft Drawing Desk With Stool

The Tangkula Drafting Table measures 46.9 inches in depth x 23.6 inches in width x 30 inches in height. It also comes with the following features:

  • Adjustable Main Workstation

    The main table top can be adjusted to the angle that you would need. It also has supporting brackets that lock on to the angle that you need.

  • Steel and Wood Construction

    The entire drawing table is constructed using durable powder-coated steel and wood.

  • Storage Drawers

    The Tangkula drawing table comes with three storage drawers on the side for your drawing accessories. These drawers are placed in a storage shelf on the side.

  • Hollow Metal Shelf

    The Tangkula has a long hollow shelf between the table legs, and it can be used to store wet items, long rulers, brushes, etc.

  • Fixed Pencil Ledge

    The table top of the Tangkula has a fixed pencil ledge which can hold your erasers or pencils while you work on your drawing.


  • The drawing table is well made and solid enough which makes it great for hours upon hours of abuse.
  • The desk comes in a good height that fits any person from any height profile.


  • The lower edge of the table can be a little comfortable especially if you have to lean on it, which all artists do especially when adding details.
  • The table is easy enough to assemble but with all the different pieces that come unmarked, it can be confusing and can take too much time to assemble. You may even have to force some things in just to make them fit.
  • The drawers are on a shelf on the side which looks flimsy and might fold easily if and when a heavy item is placed on it. Be careful not to sit on it, no matter how tempting.
  • The adjustable workstation can sometimes get stuck, especially when it has been at a certain angle for a long period.

3. ZENY Adjustable Glass Top Drawing Desk

The ZENY Adjustable Glass Top Drawing Desk has an overall dimension of 41.25 inches in depth x 24 inches in width x 31.5 inches in height. The table height is adjustable from 31.5 inches base height up to an extended height of 49.5 inches. The drawing table also has a weight capacity of 99 lbs. It also comes with the following features:

  • Adjustable Table Top

    The glass table top of the ZENY drawing table can be tilted from zero up to 62.5 degrees which comes with a single support bracket that locks on to your preferred angle.

  • Mobile Table

    The ZENY drawing table comes with four rolling wheels that let you bring your table to whatever corner of the house or office you want. Two of these rolling wheels can be locked to provide that stability that tables are known for.

  • Storage Drawers

    This drawing table comes with two slide-out drawers and a single shelf under the desktop.

  • Durable Materials

    The table is made of solid gauge steel with a tempered safety glass top which makes it ideal for drawing, especially if you have to do a lot of tracing from underneath.


  • The Zeny workstation offers a large working space that is easy to clean.
  • The drawing table is well-made using durable materials, and it is easy to put together.
  • The design and craftsmanship of the ZENY table fit any modern office perfectly.
  • The rolling wheels do not move especially when locked. This is normally one of the first things that fail with mobile tables, but it did not.


  • The trays on the side need to have a lid that will prevent items from falling off the table, especially if you are working while it’s tilted or when you have to tilt it.
  • The flimsy storage drawers were made to hold pencils and other drawing implements, nothing else. Be careful of what you place in them as they might break the shelves.

The Verdict

Taking into consideration the functionality and design that each table on the list provides, it is easy to conclude that the ZENY Adjustable Glass Top Drawing Desk is one of the best tables for drawing there is. The extended tilting angle makes it more flexible to the different needs of artists and the storage solution, however flimsy, provides enough for the basic drawing implements.

Overall, the ZENY Adjustable Glass Top Drawing Desk is the best drawing table on this list. With its mobility and glass table top, the manufacturers have obviously thought of what artists will need not to mention they are nice features, too.

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