How To Draw Better: Tips to Help You Become a Better Artist

How To Draw Better Tips to Help You Become a Better Artist
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Every new artist or even established artist will always want to know how to draw better. In order to become the best, it requires that you have a desire to improve your trade continuously. Some of the world’s most famous artists may tell you that they painted, drew or sketched daily and musicians may tell you that they practiced every day, for several hours to get a good as they are. If you are an artist or a hopeful, you are reading this article because you want to be able to achieve your potential as an artist.

For one, if you want to draw better, it may be wise if you practice drawing every day. Even if you don’t possess the natural talent, you can always look at YouTube tutorials or seek formal tuition. Some people will argue that artists are born, whilst others will tell you that they can be made. Not every artist would have drawn the perfect picture on their first try. Drawing can be taught. You just have to make yourself a willing instrument, and you will be successful.

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There is an old saying among people who make a living out of the arts that goes, “practice makes permanent.” If you want to draw better, you have to practice. A good way to practice is to walk around with a sketchbook and fill it up. If you give yourself a month’s time to fill out a sketch pad, you will notice improvements in your techniques and the quality of your drawing. Do this for six months, and you will notice that you got better at drawing.

Get the Right Tools

If you are doing drawings, you should always get the right tools. A tissue and pen can only take you that far. If you want to be serious, you should invest in a set of drawing pencils and a sketch pad. The tricky part will always be choosing the right pencil. Generally, good pencil sets will have charcoal and graphite pencils as well as charcoal and graphite sticks and erasers. Ensure that you buy a set that has a variety of B and H pencils to choose from. These will ensure that you get different textures when you are drawing.

Get Expert Advice

Even if you are a natural at drawing, you should get expert advice. An expert will act as a coach and mentor and teach you techniques that you will not have learned on your own. He or she can also challenge you. If you don’t have the time to seek formal training, another thing you can do is find an artist you admire and try to replicate their work. At first, it may seem impossible, but with practice, you will be able to make a replica of their drawings.


The theory is often overlooked in favor of practical activities. Drawing is good, but do you know the fundamentals of the subject? You may be able to pick up a pencil and draw immediately but do you know what will give you shadows, or what techniques will give you rough or smooth textures? The theory of drawing will teach you this. It will teach you about hard, soft and smooth pencils and which will give you the best-desired effect. Invest in some books or go to live drawing sessions and you will learn the best techniques to apply to each scenario.

By Construction

Freehand drawing may be a bit difficult for some. One way to get better at drawing is to use construction. Construction is a method where you use trail lines as guidelines for your drawings. They are sketched very lightly, and they help you to manage your proportions. When you sketch these guidelines, you do it very lightly so that when you fill them out with the images you want to draw, you can erase them easily.

Use Books and Study Models

Never underestimate the power of using books to help you with your drawing. The images you see in books can help you to draw humans better as they will show you different body shapes and different types of faces. Using these books for their images will also help you to be more creative when drawing animals.

A model sheet can be very useful in showing you the same character in different positions. It helps you to understand how each pose and expression is drawn. You can easily download one on the internet for use.

Draw Anything

If you want to draw better, draw anything. You should never be picky about what you draw because drawing anything will actually give you practice and you need as much practice as you can get. So, rather than saying you don’t draw portraits or three-dimensional objects, you should come out of your comfort zone as it will help you to become a better artist and to improve your drawings. You should be happy to draw as much as you can, so if anyone asks you to draw a portrait of them, it may not be perfect, but at least you got some practice.

How to Draw Better: A Summary

If you want to draw better, your major focus should be practice. Practice not only makes sure that you remember what you drew, but it allows you to get quicker and more creative over time. So that when you see certain objects and wonder how you should draw them, they become easier for you.

Apart from practice, learning theory and having expert help are also important. They both teach you technique and something you probably never knew before so that you can add depth to your drawings.

If you are determined to know how to become a better artist, other things you can do will include, getting the right tools, constructing lines, using models and just basically drawing anything! Tools are important because they will determine how best you get the job done.

They are just as important as talent and technique. Construction and models will act as guides, and with practice and frequent use, methodologies will be memorized. Also, drawing anything will be your practice. What are you waiting for? You know how to draw better now.

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