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How to Draw for Beginners
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Our goal

We love to showcase meaningful, helpful, and inspirational content about art and drawing!

We want the stories from real people, just like you!

So whip out your keyboard, grab your sketchbook and your phone for some pics, and let’s do this!



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If you’d rather remain anonymous, that’s totally OK.  Just don’t include this information.

3) Images or pictures of drawings – (only images you have taken or have rights to).  The higher the quality, the better!  You can also include photos of any products you prefer using.

4) If selected, you may be invited for an opportunity for a monthly column at DIA.

5) Please paste the content of your post in the body of the email, and if you have one you can also give a link to a Google Doc.

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How to Format Your Submission

There’s just a few guidelines to follow to help get your post up sooner!

1) Make the subject of your email the title of your post, and include the author’s name if it’s not the sender of the email (you.)

2) Please attach all images to the email.

3) If you’d like credit please include your short bio and image.

4) Content should be a minimum 400 words.

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We’re looking forward to seeing your awesome post!  Not sure what to write?  Keep reading for some great ideas!


What we love

  • Drawing tutorials.  We love step-by-step!  Share how you created something
  • A feature on a piece you created and what it means to you
  • A story about how drawing makes you feel
  • A story about why you draw
  • Share how drawing helps you
  • “How I discovered drawing” story
  • “Why I started drawing again” story
  • “How drawing helps me connect with my spiritual side” story
  • “How drawing is my therapy” story
  • Share about how art got you through a tough time
  • Inspire us with what your artist studio or desk looks like
  • A story about the person who inspired you to create
  • Share about an artist who totally inspires you
  • Tell us about your Dream Piece/Collection you’d love to create one day
  • Some awesome “hacks” you found
  • DIY gifts you can make
  • “Show And Tell” – Show your art on display in your home
  • Creative careers – Do you have one?  Do you want one?  Tell us about it!
  • Share how you got more confidence in your drawing skills
  • Tell about the tech or software you want to start using to draw
  • Share a drawing or art tip which was a game changer for you – why and how!
  • Interview a creative friend about their art
  • How you are using social media to share your art
  • What you’ve done to get more exposure for your creative work
  • How you’ve made money through your creative work
  • How to bust through creative block (even when you’re not feeling creative)


This is just a starter list.  Other ideas always welcome!

We look forward to seeing your article!  Please send it to our email address below: