Best Sketch Pad to Extract All that Creative Juices

Best Sketch Pad to Extract All that Creative Juices
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Almost everything is digitized nowadays. People used to write on planners and diaries; now they have apps on their mobile phones for these purposes. People used to draw on paper and paint on canvas; now they do both on the computer.

However, doing actual artworks have a lot of health benefits than creating digitized media. Nothing beats drawing on paper especially when done on the best sketch pads.

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Benefits of Drawing

Drawing enhances creativity and imagination since people are encouraged to think of vivid images to put on paper. This activity also improves memory. In fact, those with Alzheimer’s are even encouraged to draw to get their brain to recall past experiences.

Drawing activities also develop communication and problem-solving skills. It inspires people to show their thoughts and feelings through visuals.

Some people do not believe it, but drawing makes people better individuals. Creating artworks on paper makes people happier and relaxed because the act of making lines and shapes, shading, etc. can relieve stress and anxiety. It also improves focus and emotional intelligence.

Lastly, people who draw improve their hand’s mobility as the act of drawing and sketching exercises the bones, muscles, and nerves. So, if you know a person who could benefit from drawing and sketching, gifting him or her the best sketch pad could be a great act of love and concern.

Hence, below are three sketch pads that could extract all of a person’s creative juice.

Colore Spiral Sketch Pad

This sketch pad is spiral bound that allows it to open flat on a drawing surface. It has perforated sheets that make the pages easy to tear from the pad.

This ensures that the pages will still have clean and straight edges when the sheets need to be removed for framing or duplication.

Its size is nine inches by 12 inches and comes in 100 sheets with a weight of 60 pounds. Thus, it is lightweight and portable. Each eco-friendly sheet has a light texture of beige or grey, making it easy to draw and even erase.

It is perfect for dry media such as graphite, colored pencils, and charcoal. Also, each sheet of paper is acid-free and does not contain any dangerous chemicals.


  • This sketch pad is perfect for everyone, from novice to expert artists.
  • The perforated pages are perfect when the artist needs to submit the artwork or present it.
  • This sketch pad is not only for drawing but for writing journals as well.
  • It can be used anywhere since it is easy to bring around, and can be used with any kind of dry media


  • The pages are not thick enough for pens and markers
  • It could be big for children

Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pad

This sketch pad is made of recycled paper and contains about 30% post-consumer fiber with a Grade A quality in terms of cleanliness.

It is 12 inches by 9 inches in size and is made up of 100 sheets of paper. It is 60 pounds and guaranteed free from acid and any other kinds of chemicals.

Each page has a smooth surface and is tannish in color. It also has perforated lines near the spring to allow for more natural tearing of the pages.

In addition, the texture is light, so it is great for a broader range of drawing media. It helps enhance the color and texture of the drawings made on it. With its thickness level, pens and markers will not go right to the next page. However, if the media is too wet, the markings may bleed through the page where it is used.

Further, this sketchpad is proudly made in the USA, and the front and back covers are hard enough to protect the pages inside.


  • This one can be used with oil pastel and other wet media like pens.
  • It can be used for calligraphy.
  • Inks will bleed through, but not so much that they will get to the next page.
  • The great thing about this sketchpad is its light color and texture that does not affect the intended output. It is a bit tan, but not grey.
  • It is also made partly of recycled paper, so it is environment-friendly.


  • Watercolor cannot be used
  • The size could be big for children to bring around.

Arteza Sketch Book

This one comes with three sketch pads that have 100 sheets each. The size is 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches when removed from the spring.

Though smaller than the other two brands, each pad is heavier, which is at 68 pounds. The pages are lightly textured, and bound by spring. They are also perforated for easier detachment of the pages.

To ensure that the colors used on the pages are preserved, they are made acid-free. They are ideally used with dry media such as pencil, charcoal, pen, and crayon.

The pages are also resistant to smudge, so it is perfect to use with oil pastel. Another good thing about this sketchpad is its thick back cover that gives the user a feeling of stability.


  • The pages are true to size.
  • The parts of the paper after the perforation is not included in the listed size of this sketch pad.
  • The pages are thicker than others and heavier, which make them great for pens and markers as well.
  • It can be carried around easily by children who are aspiring to be artists.


  • They are obviously heavier than the other two.
  • They are smaller, so they could feel a bit limiting when someone is trying to be creative.

Best Sketch Pad: The Verdict

When it comes to sketching pads, it is imperative that the pages are wide enough to allow the users to use their imagination freely. They should be able to encourage creativity, so the users should be able to use more varieties of media.

They should also have a light color and texture to show the real intention of the artist. For these reasons, Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads can be considered as the best among the three.

It is perfect for beginners and experts alike. This sketch pad will definitely help people maximize the health benefits of drawing, sketching, poetry, and calligraphy, among others.

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